Cloth Nappying: Make A Change, One Cloth Diaper At a Time

While I was still preggy with my firstborn, I did my research on the type of parenting I will have with my baby. On this journey, I learned about the benefits of breastfeeding, babywearing and cloth diapering. And my priority is as respectively mentioned, again, it is:

1) Breastfeeding
2) Babywearing
3) Cloth Nappying

As you may have noticed, I am writing about the least of my priority.

Let me tell you why I decided not to cloth nappy my baby as soon as I gave birth.
1. Adjustment to Motherhood
I don’t know yet how it is to become a mom, well, to be exact how time consuming it could be. I just know that sleepless nights are inevitable. Hence, I want to KNOW first if I still have time to wash the diapers. I want to be SURE about my decision. Investment in cloth diapers is no joke. If I can’t stand by my decision to cloth nappy, I will be wasting money. Yes, I can resell the nappies, but not at the same price I bought it.
2. Postpartum Healing
I want to prioritize my health to be able to take care of my baby, very well. I had a C-Section. Hence, the healing process is longer. In order to do that I have to rest as much as possible. Washing the nappy omits me rest.
3. I have no helper
I have no helper. I only have my husband who works a 10 hour job plus 3 hours travel plus prep time. So, I can barely ask him to do laundry chores for me. We have somebody to take care our laundry for us, but a cloth nappy is, of course, a different thing. And that is just once a week. Cloth Nappy is recommended to be washed everyday. Maximum of 3days. So, it is too much of an effort.
4. Cost of Water, Detergent, Electricity
I need not elaborate it further, but I just want to stress out that washing a nappy consumes more water than a usual laundry. Pre-rinse, washing and rinsing a lot of times to make sure that no detergent is left on the cloth diaper. Otherwise, baby’s bum is most likely to get rashes. Some OC moms rinse their Cloth Diaper 7x if they are using the washing machine! Woah. That’s just too much water. And not to mention… electricity.
5. Time
This is the very reason why I decided not to cloth nappy in the first place. You might say that the cost of water, detergent and electricity is still way cheaper than buying disposable. I have to agree with you on that. But heard about the saying Time IS Gold? You probably do! Washing nappies takes a lot of time and I’d rather spend it with my family.


What’s with the title of this blog?

Yep, you read it right. From disposables, I am in the middle of my journey to exclusively cloth nappying my 5mos old (going 6mos in a few days).

What then changed my mind?


Did you know that One Diaper takes 5000 years to decompose? Have you ever wonder how many babies are born everyday and use disposable diapers? That’s tons and tons of accumulated waste!

I cannot imagine where does those diaper goes. Not to mention the toxicity it causes to our landfills. No wonder we are experiencing climate change.

Hence, albeit of wasted time in washing nappy, I believe, it is worth it. As this change will impact future generation of less waste, cleaner earth.

Not to mention, the adorable prints!



This humble stash is a stress reliever of mine, very pleasing to the eyes.



This change might not be too much to change the world, but just like what Mahatma Gandhi said —

‘Be the change that you wish to see in the world.’


Pain is God’s Megaphone

We, our family, is in a situation right now where everything seems to fall apart. Cloud covers our mind. Hope lost.

I tried my best to seek God’s word to no avail. My day got cranky, my face grumpy and my husband and I was near a heated argument. Thank God, for He intervened. He reminded me to be silent in anger.


Going further, my husband and I were in a deep conversation, talking about our heartaches, our pain, our disappointment, and of our next action plan. And in the middle of it, I was reminded of CS Lewis quoatation:


It leads me to the question, how are we in terms of our relationship with God? Do we hear what He has to say? How’s our silent time going on the past days, weeks, months?

It’s inconsistent, it’s intermitent, it’s empty. It is least in our priority.

We are too inclined to the other things of this world. God has to use pain too rouse us. It’s in our pain that we seek Him the most. At the end of the day, no matter what we’ve been through, no matter if God allows pain in our lives, nothing can seperate us from the Love of God.

I’m not sharing this to teach you how to overcome pain, but to help you reevaluate your relationship with God. Where are you now? Don’t wait until God uses pain to awaken you.

Let me share this beautiful song, by Josh Wilson, entitled, fall apart:

The Joy & Struggles of Motherhood

It’s been quite a while since my last blog. Exactly 9 months had passed. I had too much to tell, yet too little time to blog about it.

I had too many things to handle
Too many diapers to change
Too many rocking to do
Too many nursing sessions
Too many sleepless night
And too much to cry…

Much has been told about the JOY a baby could bring, but less about the real struggles.

I had post partum depression. Thank God, it’s not that severe. Some went crazy up to the point of hurting or killing themselves or their babies. I had daily sessionS of crying, grumpy face when my husband is about to leave for work, thoughts of ‘why am I the only one to go through this and not my husband’, why do I have to be left with a crying baby all by myself while my stitches is hurting, missing my freedom, and thoughts of hurting or killing myself.

But thank God for the help around me, I was able to overcome it.

My husband, although needed to go to work, do his best to help me whenever he can. My Mother-In-Law takes care of the baby when I need to eat or take a bath.

And above all, the assurance from the Word of God, that He loves me whatever situation I am in right now, that He allows this to happen for the refining of my character, that for everything there is a season, and for me, this is the season of motherhood. A season where I have to face responsibility of a higher level. And a season of priceless joy.

Nonetheless, I will never have it the other way around. My Baby is a blessing. She is God’s 2nd most precious gift to me along with my husband, and next to the gift of Salvation.

Hearing her innocent laughs and giggles makes my heart melt and wonder, ‘how can this little being bring too much JOY in our family?‘ Every pain was worth it! Every cry was paid by her innocent smiles, by seeing her everyday milestones.

Introducing to you all, the love of my life.

Jaimie Sophia @ 4months

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD, The fruit of the womb is a reward.

From Philhealth Member to Dependent.

Being pregnant and not having an HMO or Health card is financially disastrous. Hence, Philhealth is a must (or probably not, but is highly recommended). Although the benefit is not that much, still, it does help in cutting down huge maternity expenses.

I was working in a corporate environment before but chose the path of online freelancing. To be able to have more time serving my husband and taking care of our cute Siberian Husky… and soon… our little bundle of joy.

Having said that, I already was a Philhealth member, but now a dependent to my husband’s Philhealth membership. In short, I don’t pay contribution, yet I will be able to utilize Philhealth’s benefit.

Originally, I was planning to be a Philhealth voluntary member, paying P200 monthly contribution. However, a certain situation made me realize, why not become a dependent, instead of shelling out extra? After all, my husband is also a Philhealth member. Please bear with me, as I feel the need to share my experience. So here it goes: I updated my Philhealth membership from single to married and from employed to voluntary. I was about to pay my first contribution as a voluntary member but unfortunately, I was a few days late in paying contribution to be able to avail of the maternity benefit. I can still pay, though, but I will not be able to avail of the maternity benefit anymore. One of the requirements to avail of the Philhealth’s maternity benefit is to have at least 9months contribution within the 12month period prior to your delivery month. In short, I lack in contribution and the result is, I am not entitled to avail of the maternity benefit. Hence, I think of other option and came to realize that I can be my husband’s dependent. Needless to say, being late in paying contribution, is actually a blessing in disguise.


But before I go into the process of applying as a dependent, I have to clarify that there was a change in the requirements for availing Philhealth’s maternity benefit. If before, you need to have 9 months contribution within the last 12 months prior to the month of delivery. Now, you only need to have at least 3 months contribution within the last 6 months prior to the month of delivery. How good is that, right? But there is nothing better than being a dependent of your spouse paying nothing at all, right? LOLS!



Well, first and foremost, you must be the LEGAL wife of your husband. Meaning, you were legally married, having marriage certificate, and

What you will need:


Click Here for the form.

2. Deactivation form.

You can get this from Philhealth office/branch. I can’t find a soft copy of this online, but you can just get this from Philhealth on the day that you will file your requirements. It’s easy to fill-up, you just need to put your Name, Philhealth ID Number, and the reason why you will deactivate. In my case, I put unemployed. Then signature.

3. Photocopy of your ID (with your married name, if you’re a female).

4. Photocopy of your marriage certificate.


1. This only applies to spouses  who is a Philhealth member. If you’re not yet a member, you only need to file number 1 and 4. No need for deactivation form and Photocopy of your ID.

2. This also applies to husband who is a Philhealth member and wants to become a dependent of their wife. Although uncustomary, this is still possible. But bear in mind, that there is no such thing as maternity benefit for men. This will be useful though, in other hospital related expenses.

3. Please take note that dependent, needs to have principal. Meaning, your husband (or wife) must be a member of Philhealth.

4. In case of availing maternity benefit from Philhealth, please ensure that the principal member has the the right monthly contribution to be able to be entitled to the benefit, i.e. your principal must have 3 months contribution within the last 6 months prior to the month of delivery.

So goodluck mommies and mommies-to-be, I hope you find my blog useful. I will also be posting another one about claiming Philhealth Maternity benefit once I delivered.

SSS: Maternity Notification Online (MAT1 Online)

I have filed my Maternity Notification Online last November 13, 2014. Thanks to I was able to know that you can file Maternity Notification via the SSS, less the hassle of long queue.

Since November or after I filed my maternity notification, I’ve been waiting for it to reflect on my online account. Because every time I click this link on my SSS Account

This will show up

That gets me worried. Wondering if I really was able to submit it. I received a confirmation email though (see below), but I’m not sure if it were accepted. You know, there’s still a difference between the fact that they received it and the the fact that they accepted it. Accepting means there’s no error in my MAT Notification, whereas receiving could mean just receiving it.

I’m about to go to SSS on January 14, 2015 to submit manually the MAT1 form, just to be sure. But praise God, I was able to view my MAT1 just now, January 10, 2015. Yay!

Ocean by Hillsong United: A reflection of my wandering

I believe we were/are all wanderers, in one time of our life or another. Like everyone else in this world, I’ve been a wanderer. I currently am wandering. But I’ve been wandering around for too much, for too long already. I keep searching for my purpose. There seem to be nothing much in answer to my query. I became frustrated. Then this song came into my senses, talks to my soul. As if God’s telling me. “You don’t need answer right now. You need FAITH more than your future. When you have FAITH in Me, what else matters above?”

Take time to listen to the song. Appreciate the lyrics. Below is my favorite part.

Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders
Let me walk upon the waters
Wherever You would call me
Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander
And my faith will be made stronger
In the presence of my Savior

Flowers Unlimited Tagaytay

RATINGS: 3 out of 5

They were referred to me by Ms. Lourdes of Town’s Delight (TD). If you haven’t read my blog about TD yet, she’s my Account Executive (AE) with the said caterer. You may may want to know more about TD, here.

These are the reasons why I got them.

  1. They are also from The Wedding Store slash Wedding In The Sky, where TD is also under. Hence, I presumed then that they can work better together.
  2. They can work within your budget. I gave them a 15K budget which includes ceremony set up and bridal and entourage flowers. I only have few specifications,which they agreed upon.


Ok, I know I’m a bit OA when it comes to a supplier being late at replying to emails. Some supplier’s have few situations where they really can’t reply fast. I understand that. But this supplier? They were consistently late. They don’t even acknowledge your payment. I deposited 2K, then after two emails, they are still not responding. Hence, I made a call. Sabi ok na daw yung deposit narecieve na, but when I mentioned in our call that I sent two emails, they didn’t even say why they didn’t reply?

Next scenario, during my follow up phone call I also asked for the contract, they gave me one. I asked for revision, they revised it and sent it to me right away. I signed and sent via email again the contract. I am of course expecting their signature in return, but because I hate following-up suppliers. I didn’t bother to follow up. After all, what’s written in the contract was agreed upon, verbally and few through email (when I asked for revision).

Last scenario, I paid our balance (14k because there additional 1k because of the revision that I asked). Knowing that they barely reply to emails, I called again after a few days. Know what they told me, “Yes Ma’am narecieve na po namin yung payment, ayy di po ba kami nakareply?” That was a rhetorical question though. I said it is fine because I don’t want to ruin my relationship with any of my supplier, to avoid any supplier ruining my wedding. Hehe. But imagine? That’s 14k that you received, and you didn’t even acknowledge it? Come on!


This is the very reason why I don’t recommend them. I will reiterate again. I DO NOT recommend them. Simple following of instructions they can’t follow?

1. Bridal bouquet

This is the worsest ever that they didn’t follow. (I know there is no such a word, but I was and still frustrated over this, that’s why I exaggerate). I gave my peg and he AGREED to it. I didn’t gave him the soft copy, but my peg is soooo easy to follow. How could he not follow it? See below the difference. *Sorry for the blurry picture though, I didn’t get a good one of my bouquet.

My Peg


Actual Bouquet



2. Mom’s Mini Bouquet.

Actually, not a mini bouquet but a wrist corsage. I asked the contract to be revised because of this. I don’t want a wrist corsage for our moms. I want a mini bouquet! But on the day of the wedding, what were given to our moms was a wrist corsage! My goodness! I shouldn’t have bothered revising the contract and adding 1k if I knew that simple instructions won’t be followed! If I knew, I shouldn’t have gotten them anyway!

I know we got them for a cheap price, but they shouldn’t have agreed to it if they can’t follow it!

Anyway, enough of my ranting. I still gave them a 3 despite of my frustration because they were still able to pull off what they were suppose to do.


Ceremony Set-Up (Please remember to look at the flowers only, chairs c/o TD)

10325404_10152358914524659_4254418176438278313_n 10264933_10152358917459659_5068515486720214326_n

Flower Girls Headdress and Flower Basket

10251912_10152358899199659_213338670045234352_n 1926903_10152358913404659_1183680772438141586_n

Bridesmaid and Secondary Sponsors Mini Bouquet/Men’s Boutonnieres



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